Lemon Jelly – Page One – I’m now exactly half way through -Day 182

This morning I was determined to get a dance in before my afternoon appointments. I did – but I ended up giving myself a do-over because it was sort of an uptight dance. Maybe I’ll post it someday, but I really wanted to dance to this Lemon Jelly song.

Imagine if you can, having no possessions, imagine having nothing – then imagine when there was nothing. It’s deep. But it calms me somehow to remember that nothingness came before us and may very well follow us. In the in-between I hope more people will dance. Dancing like this is very liberating. This music, the message and my mood really let me dance with abandon – throwing myself off-balance again and again and really enjoying the edge. There’s so much to gain by moving freely. For everyBody that means something different, but anyone can practice relaxing into and becoming part of the music.

It’s not easy to relax into it everyday, but once I get going…I always feel good.


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