Day 183

Today I just danced to a lovely song in my studio. This song,Unhome by Miriam Makeba on the album, Putumayo Presents: South African Legends is what I’ve posted, but the real song was Jai Uttal – Mirror in the Sky. Youtube stripped that one. This one fits well though. I had a great Sunday – we started out by having a light breakfast consisting of toast and juice made with our “Jack LaLaine Power Juicer” then headed to Lawrence, KS to the studio where we got to dance in community with many others. It was great!!!


2 responses to “Day 183”

  1. dkrocha says :

    Great combination of strength and softness. Your arms are fabulous here. I’ve been working on my arms, but they lack a certain quality that you have. Mine are almost too graceful; they lack that crispness and clarity that you have. I learned that from recording myself, so even though I am not posting yet, it is a very useful tool for progress.

    Love the use of the gauzy fabric.

    • Mary says :

      Thanks Diane, you’re so generous with your comments. I’m super impressed with you and your blog! We’re on to something here!!!!

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