Day 184 – When You’re Smiling

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I’m so glad you’re reading this because I really want share a couple of fun things that are going on with the Freebox.

Tomorrow,Tuesday, June 15, the Kansas City Star is publishing an article about us. I’m publishing this fairly late so perhaps some of you are just here for the first time from that article. Leave me a comment and say hi! I’m curious what Tim wrote and how it will impact the rest of the project. I’m still pretty surprised to get that kind of attention, but certainly flattered and grateful!

And as of today, I’m officially a contributor to I am really honored to be asked to share my videos and my thoughts on movement and life with the members of that wonderful community. Check it out and join the conversation at

Most of all, I wanted to say – Thank you for your support and encouragement. There are so many great people who have kept me going this far and just the fact that you’re reading this far is reason for me to be grateful to you. Dancing has given me so much and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you. I hope you watch and enjoy – but moreso, I hope you’ll get up and dance.


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17 responses to “Day 184 – When You’re Smiling”

  1. Robert Bourassa says :


    I am so proud to call you my friend! You are such an inspiration to me.

    I will be dancing before the year is up. Thank you!


    • Mary says :

      Dear Robert, You are a wonderful man and friend. Thanks for your support, encouragement and vision over the years. You are so kind and generous. I’m grateful for you! Yes, you should be getting up and dancing to the music that beautiful wife of yours makes!

  2. Diane Constantin says :

    Loved the “Another Day, Another Dance” story about you in the KC Star this morning! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and a twirl to my steps. Keep on dancing and the world will dance with you!

    • Mary says :

      Hi Diane, Your comment has brought a smile to my face. The Star really went all out with that article, I’m amazed and grateful! Thanks for the encouragement. Perhaps we’ll all dance together one day!

  3. Diana Webster says :

    Saw the Star article and had to check out your blog. I’m rhythm challenged but I just can’t help moving to the music. Thank you for making me smile. I’ll be checking back often.

    • Mary says :

      Hi Diana, As one of my teachers used to say, “don’t be a slave to the beat!” meaning as long as you’re moving – you’re doing it right! I love that. Glad to hear you’ll be coming back. Maybe we’ll dance together someday soon!

  4. Denise Gonzalez says :

    Read your article in KC Star this morning and thought this is strange, then watched a video and had to laugh. I have danced in my home at least once a day for years, my kids think I’m crazy! Makes me feel great! I love dancing, it’s a feeling of pure freedom and expression, no matter what music is playing. More power to you in what you are doing…’s not strange, it’s great!!!!! I’ll be dancing with you.

    • Mary says :

      Hi Denise, Thanks for your comment! I love that you dance everyday already! I know there are lots of us out there, but we all think we’re the only ones! Thanks for your well wishes. I hope I get to dance with you someday soon!

  5. Andie says :

    My name is Andie, and I’m a (soon-to-be) HS senior in Leawood. I just read the article about you in the Kansas City Star and had to check out some of your videos– I think this is an awesome idea! I doubt I’d have the guts to go out and dance in public like you are, but maybe this will inspire me to loosen up a bit. I know that I can get a bit uptight and worry too much about what other people think; this project sends a great message about how we all just need to enjoy life a bit more.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll keep watching your videos and hopefully see you about KC!


    • Mary says :

      Hi Andie, when I was in Highschool, I did theater but I still would have been terrified to do what I do now. Sometimes I still am 🙂 but I’ve learned that I won’t die and actually it’s really fun. That has made me a lot less self-conscious. Please stop by here often, tell your friends about me and maybe one day you can come out and dance with me! Your comment really touched me. Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you’re thinking!

  6. Niko says :

    I read the article and had to check out your blog and videos immediately! I absolutely love and appreciate what you do. I think it takes a lot of work and courage to continue everyday working on this project despite some critical looks you might get from strangers. But hey, you never know who appreciates seeing something new to spark up their day! I sure would love to see you in the streets sometime by chance, I’d probably try and dance with you on the sidelines haha. No matter where I am, I love dancing if I hear music. It brings me joy, and not to mention the attention too, “looks” or no looks! I support your project completely and want to congratulate you on your success with your videos and the article! Best wishes with your goals and dreams! If anything, I’d love to help as best I can, I’m really interested in public projects and as a young college student, maybe I can help out! Again best wishes!

    • Mary says :

      Hi Niko! I really appreciate your comment! Thanks for that reflection. I definitely would love help putting some public dance projects together. We’ll talk! Keep dancing!

  7. Rebecca James says :


    I can’t believe I’m just learning of this on day 184. I read the article in the KC Star this evening and dropped by your site. You put a smile on my face:) I’ll be back to catch up.


    • Mary says :

      Hi Rebecca – thanks for your comment! I hope you do drop by often and maybe even come out and dance with me sometime soon! Take care and keep your groove on!

  8. Angie says :

    Mary, your joy is contagious. It seems whatever else is going on in your life, mom in hosp, sore ankle, whatever, you just gotta dance. thank you for putting it out there to encourage and inspire the rest of us. I love the way you have challenged yourself to dance out of your comfort zone in the name of self expression and showing us a way to get moving. thanks to the KC Star for the article today. best wishes for your journey, may it take you to wonderful places.

  9. Tori Janaya, MA says :

    Mary, I finally read the article and I am SO pleased for you that it was such a generous and true portrayal of you, Marky and the Freebox. Hooray for truth in journalism! Happy, happy, happy to see you getting more well-deserved fans. And remember — for every comment you get there are dozens who love what you’re doing but don’t leave a comment. 🙂

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