Day 186 – Let’s Get it Started at Missouri Bank….

I got a call this morning from Monica at Fox News asking if they could drop in on my dance today. As it happens, at the time called me, I had no plan and had to quickly get one going. I called my friend Amanda who works at my bank, Missouri Bank. They have an beautiful branch in the Crossroads that looks nothing like a real bank. It is a real bank, but everything they do is geared toward creative people. She got permission for us to dance there, joined me and even helped me persuade the other employees, Cynthia, Jeri, Melvis and Heather to join us. They were reluctant at first, the the music got the best of them! Thanks girls for getting down with me!

How cool is my bank to support this crazy project? I think very! I really enjoyed meeting JW from Fox news who came out to film us. I don’t have a TV so I’m hoping they post it on their website. If you’re here from that newscast, please leave a comment and say hello – heck, even if your not here from that, please say hello – I love chatting with you!


8 responses to “Day 186 – Let’s Get it Started at Missouri Bank….”

  1. Bernd Fischel says :

    Nice, a man or two would have been cool too! A dancing bank staff – they will not forget that so soon! I liked it!

  2. Mary says :

    I agree Bernd! The men just weren’t up for it, i guess they thought it would be more fun to watch….boy were they wrong 🙂

  3. Mari says :

    Hi Mary and Mark !
    Long time no see.

    How nice bank ! I wanna go there.

    Now I`m thinking about to make a group like Freebox in Japan.

    • Mary says :

      Mari!!!! We have been thinking about you so much lately! We miss you! Yes, start a Freebox in Japan…what would it be called in Japanese I wonder? We want to come visit one day! Tell Satoru hello from us too!!!!

  4. Nina says :

    another brilliant day! I love the scene infront of the mural – the lighting – just amazing video work too!!!
    LOVE you!!

  5. landa says :

    How fun! And there’s not a better bank in town. In fact, it’s the only place I’ve danced in years. Thankfully, there’s no video.

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