Rockin’ Robin – Day 188

I’m having my share of youtube copyright issues these days. I’m not complaining, but I’d like to whine a little. It takes an extra 30 minutes or more to replace the song etc. when this happens. If I was more organized, I suppose I’d always check songs before using them….it’s not always possible so I’ll put up with it.  So this started out as the Bobby Day version, but ended up with a version by Elouise Burrell, Emma Jean Fiege, Eric Bibb, Taj Mahal & The Cultural Heritage Choir – which is also excellent.

I called my friend Debbie early this morning and she – the connector that she is – invited Marky and I to breakfast with her husband Kirk, her mom, Suzie and their friend Lou – a very accomplished photographer who was in town from Boston.  We met at the Blue Bird Cafe on the West Side. I love that neighborhood – it’s urban yet very green.  Anyway, Suzie, Debbie and Lou all agreed to dance with me in the garden across the street. I had hoped to dance to Rockin Robin today and when we saw the Robin in the tree, we knew it was meant to be. 


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