Day 189 – Eddie Palmieri – lit me up!

Last night Mark and I went to see Quixotic’s new show, Paix Reveuse (a dreamers peace?), at the Madrid theater.  Our seats were less than ideal for seeing the show the way it’s seen best and I have a feeling that those who saw it from upstairs had a different experience than those of us on the downstairs right side. These were supposed to be V.I.P. seats, but they were directly in front of a wall of speakers and the musicians were in our line of sight to the dancers.

All that being said, their work is amazing and deserves the accolades and support they get from the community. I found it very inspiring to be in an auditorium full of people for the first of two sold out shows of the evening. The dancers are magnificently talented, the visual display from lighting to choreography betrays a level of creativity and attention to detail that matches some of the best shows of I have seen.

I take my hat off to the technical feat each and every artist involved in that company has accomplished with this show.  The one thing that would have made me forget the unfortunate placement of our seats is a feeling of emotional connection with what was going on on stage. I was inspired, awed and wowed by the artistry, but I never got emotionally involved.

I will never reach the level of technical perfection the dancers in Quixotic’s troupe have, but I will aspire to. I hope to see more of a sense of connection in their future shows.

Today I wanted to be a one-take-wonder. I chose Eddie Palmieri’s “Mira Flores” for my inspiration. It worked!  It really lit me up 🙂


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