Day 193 – Ashokan Farewell – Waltzin w/Marky

Today was another busy day! We’re going out-of-town tomorrow – there’s always so much to do before hitting the road!  Time was running short, and I’m a bit short on ideas the last few days but I’m not discouraged because I know the well is far from dry.  It’s not so much that I’m out of ideas, but time and space help coax creativity out.  Sometimes, I admit, a deadline does invite a surprise visit from the muse, but she generally likes her space.  I may be getting a real job soon…so I’ll have to ask her to meet me half way if that happens 🙂

I got Marky to waltz with me. He’s a good sport and we had fun. I love this beautiful folk song, The Ashokan Farewell. It’s so sweet and I guess since we are going away, it’s kind of appropriate. Watch the mirror in the beginning… I like how we caught his image there like it’s a ghost.


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5 responses to “Day 193 – Ashokan Farewell – Waltzin w/Marky”

  1. maril says :

    so beautiful it breaks my heart – the melancholy strings, the clouded mirror, the slow, slow motion of loving……

  2. Cara says :

    Enchanting! Incredibly soothing and beautiful.

  3. Karen says :

    This was so romantic. I loved it.

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