Day 194 Summertime

We drove across Kansas to Colorado today. Along the way is a field of windmills. They are so graceful to watch. I love the sight of them against the backdrop of the Kansas prairie land. This version of Summertime by Angelique Kidjo is wonderful. There were lots of crickets around – which you can hear in the background when I’m talking. I was also tickled to hear them in the music when I overlayed this song in editing. I just hope the owner of that bail of hay didn’t mind my dancing on it!


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4 responses to “Day 194 Summertime”

  1. dkrocha says :

    This is one of my all time favorites! I loved how your arms “danced” with the windmills; I loved the silhouette; and I loved how toward the end you were on that bail of hay and you seemed to be at one with the windmill. Free – in the wind…

    I, too, love windmills, and I see them each year on my Odyssey when I am in central Oregon. Last year I was in the midst of a windmill farm, stopped at the side of the road, just looking in awe.

  2. Jennifer says :

    Beautiful Mary! Sometimes the muse is found in the most offbeat places!

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