Day 197 – Gadzukes!

I drove from Colorado Springs to Boulder yesterday to visit with some dear friends of mine that live there. I enjoyed a superb meal with my friends, Kimberly Jonas and Hollie Rogin at Holly’s boyfriend, Patrick Cullie’s house. He cooked, cleaned up and served us hand and foot! Patrick is a musician (among other interesting things) and his group is Gadzukes! He gifted me a CD of his album, New and Used

Kimberly, Holly and I decided on the way home that this song, I’m Pau off of Gadzuke!’s album would be perfect for our dance today.

Kimberly teaches a body of work she calls Body Mantra I’m biased because she’s my friend and I love her, but what she does is quite beautiful and her classes attract a truly generous and joyful community of movers.

We video’d this before and after class. Thanks to John, Hollie and Kimberly for dancing with me and thanks very much to Patrick for the music and the food. Thanks to Holly for sharing her home with me and Josie for coming to have breakfast with us. Oh yes, and thanks to Ginger for being a very good dog.


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