Think Pink – day 209 – at Starbucks

This morning we headed out to 39th Street Starbucks, KCMO for today’s Think Pink event there to support Susan G. Komen.

We had a lot of fun and even got most of the patrons to participate.  I love that they asked us to come and dance for the event…it feels really good to be a part of something that’s making a positive impact on the world.  My mother survived breast cancer, but her best friend (who I adored) did not.  I’ve had many friends who have dealt breast cancer either themselves or in their families.  I am grateful to do my small part in bringing awareness to the cause.

Thanks to Starbucks 39th St., all the patrons who participated (leave a comment and say hi!), Tyler and the gang at Allied Integrated Marketing who got me involved.


  1. This video is awesome. Who knew caffeine could spur so much dancing excitement in Kansas City! Keep sharing your passion!!!!!

  2. Thank you! I had great time dancing, and this added a wonderful memory to my Starbucks dates with my Grandparents. 🙂 What a fun idea!

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