Today’s the beginning!

Of course everyday is the beginning, every moment is. I won’t get all esoteric on you. I’ll just say that today feels like the beginning of a new phase; one full of opportunity, planning and tasks!

July is National Dance Day and I’ve got permission to have a Freebox dance on the lawn of the Nelson Atkins Museum that day. Details are still being worked out…(tres exciting!)

If you’re reading this and want to volunteer a few hours to help produce an event for National Dance Day with me, please email me. I will email you back as soon as I have a clear first step.  Also, if you have something you feel you can contribute in the way of getting copies made or sponsorship support of any kind – get in touch now!

Details will follow, I’m in the process of creating a page on this site for the event. Please check back tomorrow!

I appreciate your holding a positive intention for an event that lights up Kansas City and beyond.

Today’s dance was cool because I didn’t even hear this song until after I filmed the close-up stuff….spooky how the muse works!

we agree to meet

in a common field

we are all in the dance

whether we like it or not.

Today, I’ll let let down my defenses

and dance alone, and together with you.


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2 responses to “Today’s the beginning!”

  1. Cara Erickson-Park says :

    Interesting and groovy! Love the song…

  2. christianlady says :

    Love how you dance with your mouth…

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