Day 217 – Prancing with Cara at the Nelson Atkins

I had a wonderful treat today. I made five new wonderful and interesting women today – all thanks to this project.  Cara Erickson-Parks contacted me after the article in the Kansas City Star came out last month. I just noticed it’s no longer on their website 😦  Oh well, back to Cara and her fabulous friends and family – Cara is a dancer, choreographer and dance advocate -a kindred spirit to myself.  We were very well received by the people who were in the Rozelle Court restaurant as we danced and pranced down the aisles. We had no music except what was in our hearts.

Thanks to Kevin at the Nelson Atkins for being in my video today as well. You’re role was delivered expertly 🙂 Thank you Jane for operating the camera – seems you’ve got a new calling as a cinematographer. Thanks Cara’s mom, aunt and sister for welcoming me to their family lunch.


  1. Yay and YAY! I loved the whole morning and lunch. The dance was so fun! I think you picked PERFECT music for our little jaunt down the palazzo!

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