Day 228 – Madeleine Peyroux

I was in a theatrical mood today after performing as the lead in  30 minute play about being in hell. I found this song by Madeleine Peyroux and Mark was going up to the roof to take care of our tomato plants up there, so I decided to dance up there. I listened to the music in the loft, but didn’t bring it upstairs with me. What I was hearing in my head as I was moving, was a very specific rhythm, but it wasn’t this song. But when I put them together – I think it seems like I’m really dancing to this song! 


2 responses to “Day 228 – Madeleine Peyroux”

  1. ancestors2life says :

    You’d never know you weren’t dancing to that song.
    Love the stockings. Very sexy– don’t worry about us seeing the top!

    Where’d you get those, anyway? I want some.

    — Jillaine (friend of Tori’s), near Washington DC

    • Mary says :

      I thought the top showing was part of the character :-). Any dance supply store has them. Thanks for stopping by and sharing some love Jillian, I hope one day we get to meet in person!

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