Day 233

This was an experiment we tried because I have this great piece of fabric and I wanted to play with it. Once again…I just happened to choose a song that worked with the concept. I sort of listened to this song before we video’d but I wasn’t sure what we’d end up using. I didn’t listen to the words until I layed it over in editing. Viola…it all makes sense (sort of) – you tell me if you think it sort of works.


7 responses to “Day 233”

  1. Jennifer says :

    I think it does!

  2. Mary says :

    Thanks Jennifer!

  3. Jim Mandler says :

    Beautiful lighting.

    The long shot is striking.

    Music is my sanctuary music is my blanket. what’s the song on your soundrack?

    • Mary says :

      Hi Jim! Thanks for stopping by! The soundtrack is: Blanket by Imogen Heap/Urban Species of the album Serve Chilled [Hed Kandi] disc 1

  4. maril says :

    there is so much artistry here – the movement, the music, the sepia tones, the flat roof, the wind…… it’s magical

    • Mary says :

      Thanks for saying so Maril. I’m starting to just let myself enjoy the experimentation aspect of this project as much as anything else.

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