Day 238 – Weightlessness

Marky and I were experimenting with creating an appearance of weightlessness. A little post production really helped create that effect.  Maybe the choice of today’s theme is actually a premonition of how I’m going to feel after next week.

I’m going to be assisting a Soulmotion workshop with Zuza at Esalen Institute.  A cool thing about this is that Vinn, the creator of Soulmotion dance practice will be taking the workshop.  I will be dancing, working and serving people who have revolutionized and transformed my dance and real world through their work. If it weren’t for them, the Freebox would never have happened.  I am excited to reconnect with my beloved teachers.

I don’t know what my internet connection will be like, but I will do my best to post a video everyday from Esalen.  

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