Day 240 – All Natural

We talked about making a dance at the baths which are clothing optional this week. That should be called All Natural, but if we do that, I’ll have to find another title. This is called that because it’s just the natural sounds of Ali and the crows and me dancing at the Esalen Farm.  We have been dancing so much in the workshop, making a dance for the video was a real challenge.  Soon I hope to post one from the workshop.


4 responses to “Day 240 – All Natural”

  1. Mark Gardiner says :

    That crow’s cawing meant, “You look great in black.”

  2. Tori Janaya says :

    I can’t believe YouTube didn’t strip this! I mean, clearly that crow’s song is copyrighted.

  3. vinny says :

    mary you are the bomb! such a discipline you teach all of us. so much fun to be in your space of grace, grit, and goofy. I loves you mary
    let’s spend some more time laughing, serving, dancing, talking, supporting, listening to the saga that is our everyday dance

    • Mary says :

      Ah Vinny! Yes, yes, yes – let’s continue to do our dance. I have you to thank for being such an amazing mentor and supporter. Soul Motion inspired theFreebox and I am forever your student!

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