Day 248 – In the spin…

I had a conversation with Vinn today where the term “spin” came up. I was using it in reference to how secure I feel in knowing my schedule. But it’s really about control in chaos. So I thought I’d do a dance to practice spinning and remind myself that even if I fall a little off balance, if I relax I can still stay centered in the spin.


5 responses to “Day 248 – In the spin…”

  1. leslie butler says :

    Beautiful work. Mary, and excellent choice of music.

  2. Susan says :

    Dear one…

    Wow, Mary, I can relate to that kind all kinds of spin today! Thank you for this dance…and for this song…it’s been a fave of mine and yet has been overlooked in my playlist. Time for a renewal. I adore Lemon Jelly. This morning, the song reminds me of natural elements, and seems to be a reminder to take my Chinese herbs! ; )

    Much love to you for sharing your movement,

    • Mary says :

      Dear Susan,

      I was thinking of you just today! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate your support and your dance!

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