Day 254 – Light and fabric

Today I was really short on time but I managed to catch some cool footage with the lighting and my new fabric fixture. The dance is a dance, but the editing is too. Fun.
I’m not too familiar with this music, but it seemed to fit – a song called “Worth It” by an artist called Skinny.


2 responses to “Day 254 – Light and fabric”

  1. Susan says :

    It was worth it! Love those lyrics. More, I love that movement. How did you get all those cool shadows, like the palm?

    Gosh, I hope to see you again soon and play. You’re inspiring me. Gotta trade in my PC for a Mac…at least for making amazing videos. PC…not so creative. Mac…hyperkinetic creativity unleashed. OK. It’s time. Gotta make the purchase. You can nag me about this one, Mary! ; )

    Keep being in the dance,

    • Mary says :

      Susan, it’s a lucky lighting effect by Mother Nature through my windows onto some fabric. I’m glad you like it, it fascinates me. Mac- yes…much better for this stuff. Thanks for engaging with the project so enthusiastically.

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