Day 262 –

This past weekend was a lot about deep listening to the body and today I realize that my body wanted very little movement. I was having a conversation this morning with Kimberly about this project and how there are a variety of forms the videos take. Some exercise my actual dance muscles more than others. Others exercise my creativity muscles and still others expand my comfort zone (think dancing in a crowd of bikers – Day 232 or with bikers on the highway Day 78 or even in Target, Day 34.

Today I was inspired by this piece of music – it’s the them from Schindler’s List (good ole John Williams!). I found a patch of sunlight and when I turned on my camera, I had the sense that my face disappeared in the light. I don’t know what made me try the overlay effects, but it seems like it took on a somewhat psychedelic – almost mystical feel. I really love the way every video reveals itself to me as I go along. Sometimes I plan, but mostly I just practice listening.


2 responses to “Day 262 –”

  1. Lianne says :

    Very interesting effect! I am wondering what you’re going to do with all these nifty ideas in the future; something big, I hope! I like this one!

  2. Mary says :

    Thanks Lianne, whatever I’m going to do is still to be revealed to me, but I love that you’re thinking that and I’m really grateful that through this project I’ve learned to trust the process and stay more in the NOW knowing the more fully I am right here the more prepared I am to create something in the next moment…

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