Day 266 – Joyous Sound!

Last night we saw an excellent (and FREE) performance by the Wylliams-Henri dance troupe. It was practically in our backyard!

We live in the arts district of Kansas City, MO where the first Friday of every month is a big party/art festival. People from all over the city come and wander streets lined with art galleries, street performances and gourmet snack carts (I’ve heard Hammerpress serves a gourmet herb and sweet ice cone – but I wasn’t in the mood to stand in line for 45 minutes to get one! I’ll have to check them out when it’s not FF.

The show was inspiring and uplifting. The core group represents a broad range of dancers both physically and movement styles. I loved the partnering parts of the show. The biggest critique I have is on some of the costume choices. I feel some of the pieces would have been more effective with different costumes. I loved the show overall and there was a large crowd there so I know I’m not alone!

I would love to be able to work with other dancers of this caliber – or at least learn from them!

They did a number to a Van Morrison song and that inspired today’s dance.


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