Day 267

Mark and I went to Lawrence, KS this morning to the 5 Rhythms dance facilitated by Laura Martin-Eagle at Be Moved Studio. We are starting to recognize most of the regulars, though there were many new faces today too. It’s a really sweet group of people, the music is wonderful and there was a beautiful breeze blowing into the window this morning that distinctly marked the turn toward fall. The music caught the attention of passersby on the street below and a few times I danced them a wave. That’s accidentally funny because 5 Rhythms dancers often refer to the wave as the flow through the rhythms. Anyway, I loved that our dance was including people on the street too.

We took a long way home and discovered new parts of the farmland in Kansas. The scenery is really quite beautiful.

The above has not much and everything to do with today’s dance. I was imagining a silhouetted figure with the movement of the fabric creating a lot of the effect. But then I started playing with stuff in editing and …here’s what emerged. The song is: Givin Up [Radio Edit] by Hairy Diamond off the album, The Chillout Session, Vol. 2 Disc 1


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