Day 268 – Shaking it up…

The music I used today, Big Drum Small World (Dhol Foundation, Blazing Drums 2) just makes me want to shake it up! I had fun playing with editing, but I mean literally shaking my body. It’s something most of don’t do regularly – but let me tell you, it feels good!

I’ve been curious about dancing in confined spaces lately and this was my first intentional experiment with that – dancing on the chair. The idea that this project could be _and by some is_ considered art has got my mind wandering into all kinds of interesting new directions. The thought that my life is my art and my art is my life keeps coming to me. I started thinking today about what my project is – as opposed to thinking about what is isn’t (AKA what I’m not – that list is long, but it’s doesn’t have as much power over me today as it did yesterday.)

The Freebox is an unfolding process of art the product of which, I discover daily.
Inspiration is found in my everyday life. The project is teaching me as I go along. The Freebox engages people and invites them to take up the call to move their bodies and embody their art. It is an unstoppable creative force that is redefining the way I live.

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