Day 269 – Experimenting with spatial limitations

A continuation on my exploration in moving within confined spaces. 1. Inside a window ledge 2. on a small, yet somewhat tall concrete abutment 3. confined by my ability to keep the camera still – while still showing some movement (boy does the sunlight show how dusty the mirror is, my apologies!).

I chose this song (Beat Experience by Pepe Deluxe) because, A. I love it and B. because no matter how much I move or don’t, I’m not really getting anywhere – and surrendering to that really is a pleasure.

It gets me thinking about productivity and why that seems the be something that culturally is seen as better than simply living a loving, beautiful, artful life. Where are we all going so fast anyway??? Not that I don’t like to build things and make stuff happen, but productivity without soul is a worthless pursuit in my book.


One response to “Day 269 – Experimenting with spatial limitations”

  1. Karen says :

    Great message and I love the way you use things around you. It’s always so interesting to see where life and dance take you.

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