Day 270 – Where do I begin?

I’ve been learning to sew and helping my new friend and teacher, Atif, make costumes for an upcoming production at Rockhurst College. It’s been great to have him tell me what to do and I do it and viola – in a few hours, we’ve made a dress! Very cool. The workshop is right above the theater and across from the choral department so I’m in heaven – finally back in the theater element I so loved as a teenager.

The last few days I’ve been very aware of the great teachers (past, present and future) I have in my life. It feels like now is a time to start recapitulating the termas (major lessons) I’ve received from each. With that in mind, it’s not difficult to see how my experiences with Atif and with my acting teacher Alan got me in the mood for today’s dance.

Mark was also inspired in using the laundry balls we bought at Aldi – they supposedly beat your clothes clean so you need less soap- and some wire to secure the fabric hanging around our loft. He also did some brilliant camera work!

Where do I begin to say how much I love him and all of my teachers. Thank you!
(Where Do I Begin) Love Story by Shirley Bassey [Away Team Mix]


3 responses to “Day 270 – Where do I begin?”

  1. Susan says :

    Wow, wow, wow! Love that you’re talking about your teachers…mine have been such a positive influence on me…and that you’re playing with termas, those themes,and I can see them in your dance. Be-you-tee-full! : )

  2. Mary says :

    Thank you Susan! So much great stuff is happening huh? Like your interview with me for your blog as well as your show on Hayhouse radio tomorrow!!! Super exciting. I can’t wait to listen!

  3. Karen says :

    One of my new favorites.

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