Day 272 – Listening

I was hand-sewing costumes today.  Black thread on black fabric for 4 1/2 hours straight!  I’m sure for some people that’s nothing…but being a complete beginner, I was thrilled to take up the challenge and ended satisfied and a bit dazed.  Alexis works in the costume shop too. She’s a student of Rockhurst, a speech pathology major. She suggested I dance to Benny Goodman today. I loved that suggestion.

I have strong ties to his music from my childhood when my father would play his records. My dad also played this kind of music as a big-band musician.  30 years ago today was his last day in earthly shackles.  I just put that together! It’s amazing what I hear when I truly listen! Daddy, this one’s for you!

Mark and I had a wonderful dance to Spring Song by Benny Goodman. The dance is totally improvised – but there are some basic structures we follow to help us listen to each other more easily.  Enjoy. We did.


One response to “Day 272 – Listening”

  1. dkrocha says :

    Mary, we share common musical roots. No wonder we have always connected so well. My dad was also a big band musician. Guitar. He died 35 years ago. i’ll have to check the story out with my mom, but there is some Benny Goodman story in the Rocha family lore – or it may have been Artie Shaw. I’ll find out and let you know.

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