Day 278 – May’s mugging response…

I’m a little slow. I don’t look at my blog stats too often or where visitors come from, so it’s not too surprising that it took me over two weeks to find the link that May had made to my blog from her blog. She is a local Kansas City Blogger who, apparently follows my dances – thanks May! Anyway…talk about much needed validation… May is my hero. I bow to her. I’ll let you read why in her blog post which you can read here“Dancing is my Remedy to Mugging”

Today was my friend Debbie’s birthday. Her husband Kirk’s b-day is on the 19th so they had a party and invited us…so we danced there tonight. It was great fun, seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new friends. We even got to shake hands with some very controversial Chinese artists Gao Qiang and Gao Zhen who are doing their first show in the United States here at the Kemper museum Then we ran into our friend Sylvia Gross who interviewed them this morning at the KCUR studios. She was surprised to see them at the party too!

They didn’t get up and dance with us, but I think they enjoyed us having fun. It’s funny, I was feeling pretty down today…wondering (again) what’s the point of this project and if I’m just making a fool of myself. I haven’t come to any conclusions…but tonight I am again reminded that dance has the power to bring people together in ways no words ever can.


  1. Oh Mary,

    Well, I’ll just jump in with my $0.02. It all depends what you want to get out of this experiment. Here is what I see
    You have touched and changed some people. For sure, your experiment has inspired Diane, and she is still dancing, past day 100!!! But here is a little bit of feedback for you from my end – You may recall that I tried to do a dance a day with my kids before the summer. Then they went away for the summer. Upon returning, and after starting school again, about 2 days into it, in fact, my oldest son (10 now) pointed out to me that we were missing something from our routine – What I ask? – Well, he says, dancing, we aren’t doing the dance a day anymore….
    hmmm as I write this, I realize, we have to do it again. If, even though we only did this for a couple of weeks, they noticed that we stopped, that means we are missing something.
    So Mary, you are on to something with your idea, which has put a shining spotlight on dance. For us, it gave us 3 minutes (give or take) during which we were being silly, happy, free, tolerant (of each other’s choice of music) –
    Being able to let loose enough to dance and enjoy it is not easy for most people. It is already proving to be a wee bit of a challenge for my 10 year old at times. But if it can be done, it is like taking in some extra fresh air for ourselves, some extra sunshine.
    Given my reaction to music all my life, my visceral reaction when I hear salsa music, tango music, some sappy French song in a minor key, Chopin, I really believe music, and moving to music affects our brain chemistry for the better.
    When I go out dancing (salsa), 2 things happen. My partners often comment on the smile I get once I start moving. But I too feel the magic of the motion of the salsa moves to the music – I miss it when I stopped dancing. Not just the music, but the movement.

    So Mary, keep on dancing – because you are inspiring us for sure.

    Now, a bonus (or is it a main point) would be if this were to give you something extra for your artistic development and career…. I get that 🙂

    BTW – great video of happy people dancing – this was free and fun.

    Thanks for all the dances, yours, and the ones you inspired in us.



    1. Frederique, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here! I am very happy that the boys feel that way about dancing. That really warms my heart. BTW – the challenge can be picked up and dropped as often as you like – it’s amazing how the dance keeps dancing even after you stop. I appreciate your perspective…I’m not going to stop…I’m just in one of the valley’s on the rollercoaster of life – but I will dance my way through it. Yes, it would be nice to see some sort of answer to how this project is going to forward my artistic development and most pressing…my career – whatever that is now! Wow…talk about shaking things up. I’m hopeful that by years-end I will have a sense of where to go next. Just as I manage to find a dance everyday even when I have no idea what I’m going to do – like today for instance…guess I’d better get on it! Thank you so much! xoxoxoxo

  2. Mary,
    Your dance was such a nice part of last night with Debbie and Kirk. Dance connects, inspires,burns calories, creates endorphins. Why not dance, too embarrassed? get over it PEOPLE, me included. I actually didn’t get up and dance and wish I had now. But I WILL today. So there you have it , you inspire. would love to post some of your videos on our website to share. By the way I think your video editor does a great job. Really, thanks for what you are doing. If we all do what we can, the best we can,
    it makes for a pretty cool world.
    Dance on!

    1. Hi Laura, Thanks for your comment! You are so right…if we all do our best we are doing pretty well. I appreciate that and I’m so happy to hear that you will be dancing more! I look forward to being featured on!

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