Day 284 – Crime Jazz and my new room divider screen..

Our friend Ed is here to visit from Canada so we bought a room divider screen to give him some privacy. I had fun unpacking it and even though I was very short on time, I managed to incorporate it into the dance. It was fun to have something new to play with. This song is “Harold’s Way” by David Amram of the album, “Crime Jazz: Music In The First Degree” – a gift from my friend Xavier.


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One response to “Day 284 – Crime Jazz and my new room divider screen..”

  1. Sue says :

    So I am a teacher and I hate grading papers – I want to give all the students an A and I can’t. Sounds silly but it REALLY stresses me – so much so that I now give less assignments so I have to grade less!

    So yesterday when I had hours of grading I got up in the middle about every hour and did one of these little dances to dance out my stress. It was SO FUN! I’m going to use it as my “reward” every time I have to grade.

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