Day 285 a (aka – the missing day 282)

Somehow I missed day 282! I skipped right to 283 – it was a very tired day so I can understand the mistake. I think that’s the first time – hahah… I hope so. I guess I’ll have to go back and check to make sure I haven’t cheated somewhere else along the way.

I’ll be at Esalen all next week and imagine I’ll be making some pretty simple videos. Today I was playing around with a lot of elements. While I was packing I started trying on different outfits and then this tango by Carlos DiSarli came on my music player and the dance unfolded from there.


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One response to “Day 285 a (aka – the missing day 282)”

  1. Karen says :

    This one made me giggle. I love the variety of music, clothes and dancing. I have been watching your recent days backwards and the variety of scenery is amazing. I loved you on the bridge with the redwoods in the background. I could see the energy flow into you BUT we need you back in KC so I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. The energy you give to others is hopefully going back to you twofold. Love you. Karen and Jim

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