Day 286 – Esalen Canyon…

Today I arrived at in SJC and my friend Michael ferried me down to Esalen with him for a 7 day Soul Motion workshop. I did this dance in _possibly_ my favorite spot on earth – the canyon. I’ve spent a lot of time in this canyon and somehow I feel totally at home in it’s cool corridors among the redwood trees.

On another note, I met an old work friend here who told me she is (still) living out of her truck. She could have complained but instead, she said that the cool thing about that was that the campgrounds around here are empty most of the year except summer. Talk about a perspective shift! Thanks Judith!

1 Comment

  1. Ah… Esalen! Thanks for bringing E. back to me! I know exactly where you were dancing!
    Were those the Monarchs I saw in the beginning?

    Enjoy your time there. A whole week! Sigh…

    And God Thank Ya for your persistence!

    xox unknown woman who is a friend of tori

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