Day 301 – Try a Little Tenderness…

I was playing around with this dress/tank-top outfit combination when suddenly I was in a dress that I owned when I was a lustful 17 year old with a downtown office job and plenty of older men to break my heart. The dress I owned then was more full and flowing on the top, but it was red and had a knot that landed right in front of my hips like this. I was very aware of my sexuality at that age and that dress helped put it on display brilliantly.

This song, “Try a Little Tenderness” performed by Three Dog Night has always had a special place in my heart. It reminds me of that time in my life both because I’m sure I first really listened to it then and because I was that young girl. I’ve long had a dream of choreographing a performance piece to it one day. This could be the start of that…


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