Day 302 – 10-10-10

Somehow today’s date has captured the imagination of many of us. Is it the binary nirvana that code-makers dream of? What about for those of us who know very little about math?

If I consider this from my Soul Motion practitioner mind,
I see the Temenos (sacred enclosure) and Orbit dancing with the crossroads intersection of
vertical and horizontal. Contraction and expansion, reaching in all directions.
Flow and form, structure and chaos.

I spent the morning absorbed in Soul Motion teachings. After years of practicing Soul Motion and assisting both Vinn Marti and Zuza Engler in their workshops at Esalen, I will soon begin facilitating Soul Motion experience classes and workshops. This isn’t a choice that I’ve made lightly. The work is really a calling and a vocation. I have been re-reading old notes from past workshops where I set intentions for how I would show up in the world. What I read made me remember the person I was; struggling, sad, and searching for some ground to stand on that could hold me. It also made me realize that what I was calling forth at that time has come to fruition today. I see the power of this practice in my life and I am answering the call to share it with others.
So today, mathematically magical date or no, is magical for me.

Today’s dance was fun to do. There is no intentional theme here, the music (People in the Middle by Spearhead) the outfit, the set…I just did them without thinking and seeing it now I still don’t see a thematic connection. That’s ok…it was fun.

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  1. Wow, Mary! Big, beautiful news! I would love to hear more about the process around it. And of course, I would love to know when you’ll be teaching a Soul Motion workshop in Boulder. xoxo

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