Day 304 – Sweet Surrender

Today I was working with recordings that Vinn gave us in 2006 at what was then called “Mastery” – a hybrid workshop, leadership training that was held at Esalen. Those Mastery workshops were precursors to the now thriving Soul Motion leadership training. I’m making 2-3 minute audio files out of the master recording so he can post them on his website, make Youtube videos with them, etc. It’s a perfect task for me – it gets me immersed in the teaching now, as I embark on my own teaching path.

The term, “temenos” caught my interest today. Vinn describes it as a sacred enclosure. The original meaning of the word was a “safe a protected precinct around a temple.” Modern meaning is “a protected emotional and physical space in which the transforming work of healing takes place through learning and teaching.” It also refers to the field or aura around a person. Soul Motion practice invites us to charge this field with our thoughts and express the orbital aspect of the space around us with our movements.

The song Sweet Surrender lent itself perfectly to this inquiry. It also reflects my own surrender to the call.


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One response to “Day 304 – Sweet Surrender”

  1. Jennifer says :

    Mary, I am in awe how the universe works… I have been listening to Sara McLachlan for the last 2 days on my drives to work, and have been thinking… “gee, I’d like to ask Mary to dance to one of her songs”. And here it is! Her songs have been stirring my soul and apparently yours too!

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