Day 305 – Salubrations! Stevie Wonder-ful!

Salubrity: “Conducive or favorable to health or well-being.” This is my favorite word! It’s a state of being – moving towards health.

Movement is definitely recommended on the path of Salubrity. When I move I feel most alive. I forget to worry. I generally feel great – why do it if not? Experience tells me that my body has an inexhaustible ability to renew, restore and heal itself. In times when I have a pain or if I injure myself, I start to get very curious. Curiosity about and communication with my body gives me information that I can only get by really listening and paying attention to what’s going on inside of me, in the present moment. Often I can “fix” a pain by correcting the way I walk or stand or some other habitual, repetitive motion.

Our bodies are the place where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects meet. Conscious listening can access the body (of knowledge) that is us. By tapping into the present moment we meet ourselves at the crossroads of past and future, yesterday and tomorrow. Now is the place where we can align or shift, or just listen. Staying present with what is happening _in_the_moment_ can save (and restore) years of unwanted wear and tear on a body and a soul.

Many people wait until they have to have someone (a doctor) to deal with their pains and stress when they could have had relief if they were aware of simple imbalances in their movements. Things that they could bring under their control with the right intention and attention.

I started this project to find out what I would find out. As I hit the semi-final stretch, I’m going to: stay alert to any temptation to become complacent, start each day with the urgency of knowing the end is coming, and _hopefully_ grace and wisdom will join the party and I’ll find out what I set out to find out.

After writing all of that, I found this song, “If it’s Magic” by Stevie Wonder which I have never heard before. I’m blown away by it, his voice, the harp, the message. What a great find!


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