Day 306 – Kiss of Fire

The lighting effect around 5:30 really captured my attention, so Mark helped me set up for this while I quickly found a song inspiration. It came together nicely. I love this dress…and the kitchy tango by Georgia Gibbs, “Kiss of Fire” was a lot of fun to get campy to.

I got to thinking today about how it’s a fact that people who move more are healthier -as a group- than people who don’t. People don’t move because their lifestyles aren’t conducive to it. Many people don’t like to exercise and even if they do, the gym or group class experience often leaves people feeling good physically, but does little for other aspects of their lives. What the conscious dance movement promises is an offer of community, accountability, friends, physical and emotional stress relief and even potential spiritual awakening along with a workout.

The idea of “conscious or ecstatic dance” can seem pretty new-age-hippy-dippy. And in some ways it is (I like those ways!) But this positioning is inaccessible to people who are firmly entrenched in the here and now of middle America. I’m interested in finding a way to highlight the practical truth that dance can really benefit individuals and communities and get people involved. All forms of dance have their benefits. Some teachers and practices move hearts and souls in addition to bodies. Those are elevating “dance” to it’s highest form.

Since the beginning of time tribal cultures used dance to celebrate, to pray, for ritual and ceremony. It’s only in recent history that dance has fallen from the cultural experience. As a matter of fact, the entire obesity epidemic in America was ramping up at the the same time that the idea of working-out in gyms was coming into vogue. Before that, people’s jobs were more active, TV was less popular, and evenings weren’t sitting at the bar drinking and watching someone else dance on TV, they were (probably drinking) and dancing themselves – getting high not just on booze, but on endorphins and burning calories too.

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