Day 308 – Dance Intimate

I chose to use a recording from Vinn’s teachings. I remixed it with the song “Angelic Voices” by B-tribe behind it then set out to dance to it. I would like to do it again – with a better background and better outfit etc. But I loved doing this and if this blog is a sketchbook for my ideas, then this is one that I’d like to develop further.

For anyone who read yesterday’s post and is wondering how I am…All is well. Thanks. I hoped people would read into my exposing myself as a means of liberating those feelings from the dark place. Don’t we all feel low sometimes? It seems when I write about it, it alarms some people. For that I apologize. And I appreciate your deep caring for me! I only meant to share something real and the message that love does win-out in the end.


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2 responses to “Day 308 – Dance Intimate”

  1. bt says :

    You’re a very graceful dancer. I saw your dance of KC’s Dancing Shoes and liked it!

    Have you ever heard the song Baubles, Bangles, and Beads? Not sure if it is your type, but it might make a good dance.

    Also, Inside and Out by the Bee Gees

    Today I was watching Shake It by Ian Matthews on youtube…might be another good one

    • Mary says :

      Thanks very much for the compliment and the song suggestions. I always love hearing new music. I appreciate you stopping by – come back soon!

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