Day 310 – I Like the Way You Move – Redux

I danced to this song, “I like the way you Move” by the Body Rockers on day 10. It is purely coincidental that I chose the same song 300 days later! I was in the mood to rock it out today and I did.

I’m feeling a bit feisty today. I was thinking about my “unexpressed lust” that I mentioned the other day and almost revealed it directly to the person today. I thought better of it. I mean, maybe sometime I will…but it’s more powerful to keep it to myself and let the energy of it fuel me in other ways. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in love with my husband and I adore him…but we are both adults and we met as adults who understood that life is full of beautiful people – some of whom will catch our fancy every now and then.

This isn’t a relationship road I’ve ever walked before, but that would likely be why I’ve had so many relationships. Until now, none allowed me the space or respect to admit that. How lucky am I to be a woman who’s husband says to her, “I want you to know that you’re beautiful to other people, not just me.” So for the moment, I’ll keep my lustful thoughts to myself and let that energy fuel the home fires. Now I understand what it’s like to have a muse.


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