Day 311 – Gnossiene #3

This piece of music, “Gnossiene #3” by 19th century composer Erik Satie feels very spacious, patient and sweet. It felt like the perfect music for this early fall day when the leaves are just starting to change their color. I danced this from memory – the music is pretty well anchored in my body from listening and dancing to it multiple times – it’s made it to lots of my classes playlists.

I have been taking notice of attachments and then practicing letting go. Sometimes I find myself on autopilot – experiencing a conditioned response to people and events. Those conditioned responses are habits or attachments to old ways of being or ways of thinking that aren’t necessarily true. When I’m hooked, I respond to the world quite differently than when I’m fully present in the moment. When I remember to come into the moment, I am once again reminded that in this moment, all is well.

For this dance, the spaciousness of the music, the beauty of my surroundings and the unevenness of the ground all called me to stay rooted in the present – to notice what’s here now. Seeing the leaves change is a great reminder that all things come to pass…and lesson that some things express their most vivid beauty as they prepare to exit. I do not know when my exit will be, but I hope I can be like the leaves.


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