Day 314 – Shower the people you love with love…

Mark and I were settling in to our yoga practice this afternoon with Pandora Radio on the James Taylor station. It was full of so many inspired uplifting songs! Pandora programs a radio station based on qualities of the artist you request, so they play a variety of artists. I was struck by how many of the songs are from the same era. There was a strong call to beauty, love and peace at that time and artists like James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Carole King, John Denver, Harry Chapin, Doby Gray – and many more were all singing it loud and clear.

I know there are many artists out there doing the same today. I guess the voices of the legends I mention hold a special place in my heart since they were playing in my youngest years. Songs like “Shower the People You Love With Love” are exactly the reason I dance.

I will be facilitating my first Soul Motion experience workshop at Plaza Wellspring on Sunday, November 21st (CLICK HERE FOR INFO) so I’ve been thinking a lot about why I dance and what it is about Soul Motion that I feel so strongly about. The attitude of acceptance, patience, playfulness and curiosity that Soul Motion cultivates is the purest most direct way I’ve found to experience a feeling of well-being and love alone and with others.

I dance to restore my faith in living.
I dance to connect to others in ways I am unable to off the dance floor.
I dance to remember my humanity.
I dance to forget my mind.
I dance to exercise my body.
I dance to express creativity.
I dance because it opens the door to my heart
and there
I meet my soul.


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One response to “Day 314 – Shower the people you love with love…”

  1. May says :

    Love what you said about why you dance. You put into words some things for me! 🙂

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