Day 317 – Maril and Deborah, Mama Mia – we had fun!

So first of all it’s important to let you know that I have never met either of these lovely women before. I say that because when you see the video – you’ll see the wonderful connection the three of us had.  Maril contacted me earlier this summer after the Kansas City Star published a two-page article about, well, me and this project.  (Quite a few other people contacted me too, the blog got about a thousand hits – just a few more than the daily average wink* wink*.)

Maril said she wanted to dance with me and so did her friend Deborah.

It took us up until now – 4 months later to get our schedules to match, but we did it!  We met in Loose Park, it was a perfect day! We all arrived at the same time – we recognized each other, chose a spot, danced, chatted for 5 minutes and we were off. I’m certain that was the shortest time to set up and video a dance yet.  Mark did a superb job as camera-man. I think it’s the best display of his camera skills yet.

Seeing the video, the only thing I would have changed is my outfit – I’m so obviously not in the weather changes, leaves turn, seasons have colors that_fashion_should_respect_mode yet. Maril and Deborah were splendid in the autumn colors. I got more than fashion inspiration from them, these women gave me clues to living a salubrious life.  I am humbled that it felt important enough for them to dance with me that Maril persisted.  Thank you teachers. It really was a perfect autumn day.

I love the thought of people doing this as naturally and often as they meet for coffee. “Let’s meet for a dance this week,”. We could carry dance cards instead of business cards.  Oh, I could go on and on here… One dance,one life, one love.


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2 responses to “Day 317 – Maril and Deborah, Mama Mia – we had fun!”

  1. Nina says :

    This is amazing! The three of you look like you’ve known each other forever!!
    Love You!

  2. maril crabtree says :

    I’m so glad we made it happen! thanks for the great camera work, Mark, and thanks to all of you for making it a special dance day.

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