Day 321 – Strange, but fascinating..

File this one under, pretty cool, but just plain weird. A while back a dance student of mine, Patrick -who continues to teach me about art, suggested I do a face dance. I thought about it a little and then tucked it way back into the dusty corner of my mind. This is what I do when someone suggests something that I know has some value for me, but I don’t know what to do with it.

Mark and I are visiting our friends, Chris and Britta before we head to Esalen. They have a wonderful home full of amazing art work – which I have all to myself at the moment. (How do I have such an amazing life?) I got up and danced a few songs – which I video’d then sat down and made this. The dances were fine – great actually from the inside out view, but the muse came and plopped this in front of me – so I know it’s the video to use. The song is BROTHER – remix version.

Thanks Chris and Britta for your amazing hospitality. Thank you Patrick, for the inspiration. Thank You, for being a witness.

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