Day 323 – Esalen stream

This stream flows through the middle of the Esalen property. I’ve always loved sitting by it. I’ve been thinking about waltz a lot and I was feeling a waltz in my body as the stream rushed by.

The workshop, with Vinn Marti and Jeremy Weichsel was very intense and very good. I incorporated the ritual from the workshop in today’s dance and that made it quite potent for me even though there isn’t that much movement. I’m still quite tired so I’m not going to try to unpack everything I learned right now, but I’m sure it’ll continue to show up in posts over the next week.


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One response to “Day 323 – Esalen stream”

  1. michael Z says :

    i continue to be inspired by your commitment and courage, dear mary.
    my heart fills and my spirit soars; i am sad, supportive, surprised.

    it is dark outside, and the waning moon has yet to rise.

    i miss you and the hours of practice.

    all is well.

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