Day 325 – California Condor

We were so fortunate to capture footage of a California Condor in the wild as we were leaving Big Sur. Mark saw some people on the side of the road with an antennae for a radio collar and he told me to pull over. Then we had an amazing experience of this big, endangered bird flying right over our heads. There are less than 200 of them in the wild – and at one point there were only 3 of them known to exist. They have a wing span of 9′. Amazing!

We drove to San Francisco for lunch and filmed our clutch and sway in front of the Golden Gate bridge. It’s hard to see, but it’s there. I was feeling pretty low so I wasn’t in the mood to do anything high stepping. I love that Marky is willing to help me out in moments like this. It’s a real blessing to have him in my life.

Seeing that Condor was a real blessing too. Life is a series of moments – mine is full of many more good ones than bad ones, and even though the “bad” ones would like me to forget that, I’m determined to prove them wrong.


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One response to “Day 325 – California Condor”

  1. maril crabtree says :

    You may have been feeling low, but there’s a sweet fire in this dance – it matches the song perfectly

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