Day 326 – Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder and Rumi…

Before drifting off to sleep last night I opened my copy of “The Soul of Rumi” by Coleman Barks. I asked Rumi to speak to me then I opened up the book to this passage:

“Put your vileness up to a mirror and weep. That’s when the real art, the real making, begins. A tailor must have a torn shirt to practice his expertise.”

The next pages contained a poem that had “prayers for the early waking grievers”…

This made me think about the condition I find myself in of feeling overly sensitive to the suffering of the world. It reminds me that without the pain that comes with this sensitivity, I may never seek out, or find, truth- beauty or god – the experience of which are the other side of the sensitivity sword.

Mark and I danced to another Stevie Wonder song first, then turned the camera on and this song, “Everyday I have the Blues” was next in the queue. Ahhh, the perfection of it all…


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