Day 331 –

I really would like to say that I am full of inspiration from the beautiful weather and landscape here in Florida, but I’m not. Somehow, I don’t feel very inspired to dance here. I’m more in the mode of hanging out with my mom, trying to help her a bit and enjoy some time with her. The landscape around where she lives is very nice, but somehow…empty for me. It’s kind of sterile and there isn’t any art to speak of. There are lots of strip malls and wide concrete roads that keep pedestrians and bikers from having safe and/or enjoyable access. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this place, it just isn’t where I thrive.

That being said, I appreciate the challenge of making something creative under these circumstances. I didn’t have time (or any space) to get a big dance in today and that made me surrender to making what I could. I love how the hands are dancing with each other in today’s video and it reminds me that no matter what my surroundings, if I’m dancing inside – that’s all that matters.

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