Day 332 – Creative Clay

This morning I had the privilege to visit Creative Clay in St. Petersburg, Fl.

From their website:

Creative Clay’s mission is to make the arts accessible for every interested member of the Tampa Bay community regardless of age, gender, ability and/or race. Since 1995, Creative Clay has been providing local artists with developmental, physical and/or emotional disabilities an opportunity to pursue their passion for art making. Our arts programs consist of studio and community based activities for exploring unique personal realities in an inventive, professional environment.

This is the second time I got to dance with these artists and it was great fun! We were out in the parking lot blasting music from a boom-box for about an hour! The video shows some highlights. It was especially fun today because my sister, Nina is an intern there now – so she was out dancing with us (that’s her with me in the beginning of the video!) Also, I got to see my dear friend Kerry Kriseman who also volunteers there. I’ve known her since I was 6! She invited me to Creative Clay in the first place earlier this year. At the end of today’s session it was generally decided they would continue dancing once a week because they had so much fun. I love it.

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