Day 334 – Never know what you’ll find…

Mark and I were walking back from the grocery store downtown and I saw this parking lot. It looked curious and somehow compelling to me. I didn’t have any music in mind – but rather followed a dramatic impulse that was stirred in me by the scene. I imagined a sort of Crime Jazz sound in my mind. The song I overlaid is called Get Out Of My Life by D.O.A. It’s got a pretty strong cha-cha beat, but I like the way it works with the movements.

Before we found this spot, we wandered into the lobby of the historic Kansas City Club building where we just happened to meet Claudette, a vibrant, outgoing woman who gave us a tour of the beautiful building and invited us to her show. She’s an actress who specializes in one-woman shows of historical characters. She’s done Bess Truman, Co Co Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor and many more, including Gloria Vanderbilt and her twin sister, Thelma Lady Furness- the characters she’ll play in the show she invited us to next Thursday night. Our meeting with her felt very auspicious…she and Mark and I all felt certain that it wasn’t an accident.

If we’d turned the other direction, walked down a different street or left our house 5 minutes earlier or later, we may have missed Claudette. Sometimes I give myself a hard time for my meandering ways…today once again I learned that meandering with an open ear to my inner voice can lead to wonderful surprises.


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