Day 335 – Imagine nothing at all…

The weather has turned quite gray and cool here. Our car is trapped in the garage because of much needed construction on the street so I’m feeling down-right justified in being a hermit today. It may seem that I get around, and in some ways I do, but I can sure get into being a homebody. I can keep myself occupied for hours and I love feeling secluded from the world.

That’s why I have a dance space in my home so that I can dance anytime I want and not have to leave the house. The other benefit of it is that I dance, do yoga or some type of movement throughout the day and it’s integrated into my life. I do set aside time to practice, but I also get lots of incidental exercise because of the way I have my space arranged. When I spend a long time on the computer typing, I can take a quick break and practice my handstands or just lay back on the ball and let it stretch my body and my mind.

Movements like this throughout the day can be great stress-relievers as well as body healers. Common aches and pains are often caused by habitual movements or postures. By breaking up the day with different kinds of movement we help to undo some of these habits of both the body and the mind.

Today’s song, Page One, by Lemon Jelly asks me to see deep into the past and future where now is ultimately expansive. I’m not even sure what that means, but I wrote it and I’m going to try to figure it out.


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