Day 342 – Comin on strong…

I’ve been a bit jacked-up today on nervous energy for my performance tonight. I’m excited about it and – because it’s in a coffee house, not a real theater and our group has never produced anything in public before, I find myself micro-managing. I was getting upset with myself – so when I found this song I knew it was the perfect one to wear off some of that nervous energy and set my intention for our performance tonight – to Come on Strong!

This song is by a group called The Shamen of their album, Boss Drum.


  1. Yes! This song is really good to cheer up myself.
    I also have performance tomorrow.

    My friend have a dance class.
    And she will have a performance with her students.
    I will join the show to do a demonstration free form dance .

    Good luck Mary .
    : ]

    1. How wonderful Mari!
      Mark and I are both very excited for you and we wish we could see it.
      Will someone take a video?
      I would love to post it for people to see here.

      Good luck Mari! 😉

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