Day 346 – Dreamin’ Big with You…

Wow, this song by Jacqui Naylor, “Dreamin’ Big With You” was a perfect find for today’s dance. I started out the day writing a pitch letter to a producer at the Ellen show. Talk about dreaming big. I had so much resistance to doing it, but my friend Tracy who is currently in the Peace Corps in Macedonia had gone to the trouble to contact her friend who went to the trouble to get me the email address (all without me asking) so I figured I should go to the trouble to follow through. After all, I’ve gone to the trouble of posting a dance video everyday for the last 346 days, why not go for it? I have to admit, my courage was helped by the fact that a local KC media outlet and San Diego newspaper contacted me today.

So I sent it. I’m dreaming big…but staying in the moment.

Then the doorbell rang and it was a deliver of new tires for our recently acquired 1965 Honda Dream. Mark asked me if he could bring the bike up to the loft to get it ready for the tire change. It’s such a tiny bike, it’s no problem. I actually like the way it looks as part of our furnishings (not that it’ll stay here for long…I hope to be riding it soon!) It made a great object for my affection in this dance.


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5 responses to “Day 346 – Dreamin’ Big with You…”

  1. Brammofan says :

    Love this dance! Okay, but I confess that what caught my eye was the bike. We need to get you to do the Enertia dance… and soon. Only 20 or so days left of the dancing year, right?

  2. Lianne says :

    Love the dance!! Beautiful! But it needs music! Guess it got stripped?

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