Day 354 – The Sicky Dance

It was 4:30pm when I got out of bed and could just barely take myself to the couch to get this dance done today. I’m grateful that this cold held off the worst of it til today since I had a great time yesterday with the staff of KCUR. You can listen to the interview here.
I have really no voice today at all. I thought, ok…well this is what’s happening today and that’s what this project is about. Believe it or not, this really took a lot of energy to do :-). I’m going back to bed now to rest up for an interview with KC Magazine tomorrow and the big dance on Saturday at Liberty Memorial. I’m sure I’ll be feeling spry by then and I hope to see you there.

This song is the great Van Morrison singing, “Dont’ Worry About Tomorrow”


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One response to “Day 354 – The Sicky Dance”

  1. May says :

    I love how cute and silly you are able to make being sick look 🙂 Great dance!

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